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Starbound Photography Studio.


Starbound PR  Firm offers a range of

high-quality content and growth-related services.

We are a Full-Service Digital Agency. 

The convenience to have all your services under one roof. At Starbound PR Firm we will create your branding, social media and digital marketing.


We will create and measure the effectiveness of your present digital marketing campaign. We will craft unforgettable content creation and  employ a comprehensive toolkit to excite your audience about what you’re doing and offering. 


Starbound PR Firm helps clients communicate effectively to enhance relationships between their organization and the public. Our services include:



  • Research for content creation for your business.

  • Press releases for media sources.

  • Safeguard your corporate image, brand, and identity.

  • Arrange magazines and radio interviews for top executives.

  • Provide the information for press releases requested by media sources.

  • Evaluate existing advertising and promotions to determine compatibility with the company’s media and PR efforts.

  • Media Relations.


  • Bi-Lingual spokesperson capabilities.

  • Media speaking training.

  • Research for drafting speeches.


  • Artistic and conceptual messaging.

  • Event planning, logistics, and execution.

  • Brand reputation management, crisis management, and respond in real-time.


  • Digital marketing campaigns, insight metrics, channel-based, and universal engagement using the customer's website and social media.

  • Google ads creation, posting, and set-up.

  • Translation services.

  • Media planning and buying.

News Optimization

We optimize your news by maximizing its search visibility - making your business easier and faster to get.    Our press releases are emailed to the most respectable and highly rated press release sites, including PR Newswire, Street Insider, International Business Times, AJC and numerous local newspapers! We also use social media to let people know your story.

Advanced Media


At Starbound, we ensure that your news will travel a long way. We have access to local and national premier news outlets such as USA Today, The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mundo Hispanico, and many more!


We encourage people to share your story by including videos, photos, and links that will engage your target audience and advance your branding.

Your Story in Spanish

We can research and write your press release in the Spanish language to maximizes your reach among the Hispanic community.

We are diverse sensitive professionals that understand the Hispanic culture, beliefs, and traditions.

We can reach the Hispanic community with targeted press releases. 

United Sates has citizens from 22 countries:


Spain, México, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panamá, Perú, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.

 Spanish language has many varieties and accents because of the geography locations they come from. Each country has their own culture and traditions. We can translate your website with the correct idioms based on the Hispanic market you want to reach.

Commercial Photography

At Starbound PR Firm we will shoot your photograph in our studio located in Stockbridge, Georgia.

We have a state of the art technology to make your brand look good and professionally done.

We do portrait photos, product shots, headshots, weddings, Airbnb, Vrbo, business events, and real state.

Commercial Videography

We will produce your video with a storyboard and script.


We will tell your story through your video. Your video production will be produced with excellency and uniqueness that will create a buzz for people to share your story.