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All you need to know about a Political

Campaign and how to Manage it for your success.


Starbound At-A-Glance for your campaign

We will teach you how to raise funds for your campaign.

We specialized in training political candidates.

We will create a media campaign, according to your ideas and the party's platform in strict confidentiality.

Our team will work diligently in the following areas to achieve

the candidate's success in Spanish and English language.


  • Train the candidate how to fundraise for your campaign and how to ask for personal solicitations and special events.

  • Campaign design to impact the target market based on geographical area, race, and ethnicity.

  • Intensive care of the candidate's image and public expression.


  • Artistic design and campaign logo in Spanish.

  • 3-D Model design for your marketing campaign.

  • Train the staff for volunteer search and training.


  • Help raise awareness within the community about the candidates, platform, and ideas.

  • Develop and implement social media strategies that help the candidate achieve his or her goals.

  • Key liaison between the candidate and the community through integrated social marketing and public relations initiatives.


  • Strategies to work with the community, national media, local media, and Hispanic media.

  • Daily briefing of what’s happening in the news and how to generate news.

  • Media pitch to editors.

  • Media Tour.


  • Video Creating and production to YouTube, Vimeo in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

  • Photographs for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will be publishing  to show where the candidate's is visiting and town hall meetings.


  • Live & recording  Facebook, Instagram.

  • Live streaming  and podcast production.

  • ZOOM virtual meetings



  • Organization of Press conference, local, state, and national.

  • Writing press releases in Spanish and English.

  • Research and writing the candidate's platform in accordance with federal and state laws.

  • Monkey Survey and Qualtrics marketing tools to measure impact with the targeted audience.

  • Accounts administration of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in Spanish and content writing.

Hispanic Outreach



At Starbound we will help you get in contact with the Hispanic community, sign the volunteers in, and organizes town hall meetings with translation. Invite Key Hispanic Speakers to talk on your behalf as a candidate.


Visit key Hispanic community leaders, churches, and organizations in order to earn the Hispanic vote. Reach Hispanic registered voters via social media in their target language.


We will coordinate any special event such as canvassing with the candidate in dense Hispanic or Asian communities.

Our consultancy services are for you!

We will work with you and your team to find out where your electors are

and develop a strategic plan to meet with them.


Sometimes all you have to do is borrow somebody's expertise. We will be committed to you and your campaign.  Call us!  

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