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Your video production for your next event or branding campaign.

Every wedding is unique. Your wedding will be defined by the love you feel for each other,
and the path you will walk together.
Starbound PR Videography is based in Stockbridge, GA.


4 months of payment planS 
with a credit card on file.


Professor Maggy Martínez is a former adjunct Instructor for Film and Post Production at Southern Crescent College, 

Griffin, GA Campus.

Prof. Martínez holds a BA in Communications from New York Institute of Technology with a concentration in radio and television production.

Martínez is a certified teacher by the Professional Standards Commission. Also, she is a board member of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

She established her business in 2012 in Stockbridge, GA.

Martinez is an experienced public relations officer in Social Media and specializes in branding personalities politicians and small businesses. 

Maggy has spent her career creating and running businesses that bring innovative and relevant consumer products and services to the market.


She holds both an MSA and a Masters in Education from the New York Institute of Technology.

Prior to starting Starbound PR Firm, LLC/Photography and Videography production, Maggy was an Adjunct Instructor for Southern Crescent Technical College teaching Post Production with Premiere Pro CC and Audition.


In this role, she was able to immerse herself in post-production in film and television and impart her knowledge to her students in a fun and creative way.

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