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Magdalena "Maggy" Martínez, a successful campaign manager and four years term legislator representing District 40 in Puerto Rico, has authored a new book that is a must-have guide for navigating local and state political campaigns. In her book, titled "The Secrets of Campaigning: So, You Think You Can Run?", Maggy offers valuable insights and guidance to individuals who are considering running for political office.

   The book is organized in a logical and chronological order, outlining the different stages of a political campaign, from the pre-campaigning phase to the general election. It offers extreme detail and examples for organizing your campaign, funding, publicizing, and winning a state or local political campaign. Finding the right message and targeting the right voters are also clearly explained through examples, short stories, and campaign plan timetables.    The book is structured in a clear and concise manner, providing in-depth information on assembling campaign teams and volunteers.

   Maggy's book is not only a valuable resource for political novices, but also for veterans looking to brush up on their campaign management skills. It covers a wide range of contemporary campaign management techniques, including digital ads, social media tools, data-driven voter targeting tactics, and vote-by-mail strategies.

   In addition to providing guidance on campaign management, Maggy's book also delivers into the post-election period, which may involve transitions, governing, and potential reelection campaigns. It is a comprehensive guide that aims to provide a clear understanding of the daily decisions that need to be made during a campaign.

 Maggy also stresses the importance of empowering women to lead and encourages readers to give the book to their daughters to help them develop a sense of ownership and leadership.

   Overall, Maggy's book is a valuable resource for anyone considering running for political office or looking to improve their campaign management skills. It is a great book to give to staff members and significant others, --Maggy suggests buying a copy for your daughters to develop their leadership in political campaigns.

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