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Meet Our Talent

Maggy Martínez

CEO and Consultant

Since 1980, Maggy has been working in the field of public relations and branding. Maggy holds a Master's degree in technology and linguistics. She has ran many campaigns that have resulted in successful outcomes and positive feedback. As a former State Representative of the 40th District in Puerto Rico, Maggy has developed an incomparable leadership skill set and an extensive list of resources that have allowed her to reach Hispanic & multilingual community leaders with tremendous success. She is also fully bilingual in Spanish & English.

Pedro Luis Maldonado

Photographer and Graphic designer

Since 1999, Pedro Luis has been a portrait and commercial photographer. Pedro holds a Master's Degree in technology and education. He has a diverse and impressive portfolio featuring a body of work that he has developed while shooting for high profile government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the food industry. He is also fully bilingual in Spanish & English.

Mark Maldonado

Graphic Designer,

3D Artist, Content writing & Marketing Research


Mark graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2015 with a BA in-game art and design.


Since then he has worked on many graphic designs and 3D art projects with companies such as GT Source, Film Tribe, Porsche USA, and many others.


Mark is also an excellent content writer that is fully bilingual in Spanish & English.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 



3 Dimmessional Design


Justin Collins Starbound_PR.JPG

Justin Collins

Videographer & Film Maker


College Southern Crescent Film Technology

Member Georgia Film Academy


The Resident TV Show FOX

Raisin Dion for Netflix 

It will be released soon!

Corporate video for Travelers.

New Team Member Video Project

Camera Operator

Blackmagic, Nikon, Cannon,

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 



Davinci Resolve 16

Justin Collins

Videographer & Film Maker

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