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5 things you need to know before you hired a videographer or photographer.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Ask the right questions.

#1 Knowledgeable

In photography knowledge is everything. Choosing the right lens, corret lighting measurements , composition. The day of your event has no place for improvisation. A good photographer has a perfect understanding of how to shoot your event and photos expected by the customer.

#2 Reliability

Reliability is the most important factor when you hire a videographer or photographer because you want to make :sure they will come to the day of your event. In case an emergency occurs, the photographer that you hire have plan B in case they cannot show up, The photographer needs to take the necessary steps to asure the photographer will do the job with the same quality and expectations.

#3 Experience

These are key questions you need the answer too. A good portfolio presented to you is key for making your final decision about who is going to cover your event. Always ask if the photographer or videographer is part of professional Association.

#4 Good Attitude and a sense of service

A good attitude and a sense of service are very important when it comes to how the photographer is going to work together videographe and understanding how everything will be developed during your event.

#4 Transparency

Let’s talk about numbers. Ambiguity is never good especially if you are working in a budget. Make sure everything is stated on the contract, and a list of all the details to be captured.

#5 Responsibility

When it comes the time to wrap it up, you want to make sure your final project will be delivered.

Ask for recommendations from other clients or read reviews about the company.

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